The Office is the perfect breaking point at Surfers Paradise. Most who visit Surfer's Paradise never find it, so it has been considered an urban legend. This place is revealed in "Board and Confused", proving it is actually real. The Groms must go through initiation to be able to know where it is. The initiation is hard, but the Groms make it through and are able to surf the Office. The place is called the Office because if you bail, you will get worked hard.

In "Take your Kook To Work Day", Emma shows a non-local the spot and he shows his friends. It takes a while to get rid of them but thanks to some help from Johnny, Shep and his friends were driven away for good. The Office is located near a waterfall. After Office regulars are done surfing, they usually go to a fire pit on the beach.

People who know where it is/when they were first thereEdit

Trivia Edit

  • It is called the Office because if you bail, you'll get worked...hard.
  • There is a beautiful waterfall with huge cliffs (where Reef, Broseph and Johnny jumped off)