Hanging Ten As summer starts at Surfer's Paradise, a sixth grom joins, making friends with the groms, except for Lo, but as strange creatures start showing up, they begin to wonder: what is Ben Tennyson hiding? Gradual Ben/Lo, some ReefFin. AU Stoked S1, S2-3 B10:AF

Hanging Ten: It Came From Room 1313Book 2 of the Hanging Ten Saga. With a new girlfriend at Sunset Beach, things are looking up for Ben...but when one of his most fearsome foes returns, it's up to him and his new crew to stop this ghostly menace.

Hanging Ten: Witchy Woman - Tired of being friend-zoned by Emma, Johnny finally decides it's time to move on...but this decision couldn't have come at a worse time, as a not-so-charming guest arrives at Surfer's Paradise, intent on settling an old score.

Hanging Ten: My Cyber-Sweet Sixteen - With her sweet sixteen just around the corner, Lo is officially stoked about her upcoming birthday-bash. Struggling to keep up with preparing for his girlfriend's party, Ben isn't quite as thrilled, especially when an old acquiantance drops by...with her pet.

Hanging Ten: Music Lovers - While Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are off-world for a series of missions, the groms feel a bit left-behind, until they get hit with a series of mysteries. Who keeps singing at late hours of the night? Where is the mysterious piano-music coming from? Why does Reef freak out every time he sees a piano? And, most mind-boggling of Reef's real name actually LESLIE?

Hanging Ten: In The Nick of Time - In the wake of a major revelation, Lo and Ben's relationship hangs in the balance, but this pales in comparison to a major power-play by some of Ben's old foes. With her beau on the job, Lo is left to ponder things, until she is sent on a desperate mission...six years before she and Ben ever meet.

Hanging Ten: Go Hero and Go Home - As the summer begins to fade away, and Gromfest comes to Sunset Beach, our favourite groms are set for one last epic sesh before heading home. For Ben and Lo, this is bittersweet, but it quickly becomes Ben's oldest nightmare comes back from the Void.

Ben 10: Ultimate Hero - teaser coming soon!