The Hotel Golf Course is a 18-hole golf course seen at Surfer's Paradise. It is entirely green, with the occasional sandtrap and pine tree obstacle. It also has golf carts.

Trivia Edit

  • When Mrs. Ridgemount was there, she called a "bogey" (1 over par) a "booger".
  • The employee at the sign-up area was injured by Broseph's wayward golf ball.
  • Lo was seen cutting the lawn there, despite not being a greenskeeper.
  • Mr. Ridgemount golfs there quite often.
  • Lo was seen playing golf there in "Board and Confused".
  • Broseph played there once in "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!"
  • The groms and Johnny had to repair damage done to the fairway during Lo's party prior to "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!"