The Staff Housing is where the young employees of Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort stay over the summer. It is some what of a dump and is not that well kept. The porch has couches and an old black-and-white TV set. One of the positives is that it is near the beach. Most of the known rooms there can have up to three people rooming in each of them.

Staff who live there Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are many surf boards around the front entrance that may belong to one or more surfers.
  • There are Christmas lights seen around the front entrance and some that hang from the porch roof.
  • Fin's room is 202. Emma's room was originally 203 (shared with Martha McCartney), but she later moved in with Fin after a skunk sprayed her room (caused by Martha, who then vacated the room).
  • The staff house TVs, which are not hooked up to cable or satellite, have "rabbit ear" antennas to receive TV signals.
  • The toilet has a habit of backing up.
  • The place was so messy that, until "A Boy Named Leslie", Broseph didn't know that they had a toilet with a seat.
  • There is a picture of El Duderino in the main room above the couch.
  • They have a mini bar in the main room.
  • It is nicknamed the "Roach Motel" by Fin.
  • The staff house was once the original Surfer's Paradise hotel, as revealed by Johnny in "Browatch". The old hotel building became the staff house after the current hotel was built several years earlier.