Buster is the shark in the Lobbyquarium at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. He is good friends with Sonny.

Persona Edit

He has a small brain, as mentioned by his friend, and isn't really that smart, unlike other sharks. He also is the size of a Great White, and possibly is one, but according to Bummer, he is "genetically engineered for non-violent lobbyquarium living". This is revealed to be a lie, as he tried to eat Reef, Johnny and Broseph, as well as Sonny and a small boy named Carlos, on several occasions.

Trivia Edit

  • The shark's species is Carchardon Ridgemount Hotelus, stated in "Board and Confused" by Bummer.
  • The species name is a pun off of the great white shark.
  • He knows how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on fish.
  • His name was revealed in "Penthouse of Horror".
  • He has a tongue as seen in "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!" Sharks do not have tongues, they have many rows of teeth.
  • Though there is evidence of him being non-violent, he did burp out fish skeletons in "Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!".
  • It can be assumed that Sonny is in-a-way training Buster, to make him a better shark.
  • In "Grand Theft Whale Bus", he got sick from having a second helping of scuba diver, even though Sonny told him not to.
  • He is scared of anything green, in this case a lizard.