Ben and Lo's relationship got to a rocky star, begining with the two running into each other, as Ben was entering the Penthouse and Lo was leaving, aggrivating Lo's already bad mood over her Father banishing her from the Penthouse to the Staff House. Also, her acting like a spoiled princess, a nickname ben would give her, annoyed Ben who didn't put up with those type of people.

However, things lightened up between the two when Ben prevented Kelly from hazing Lo, with Hot Oil over her head, and Ben's standing up against the Seniors also made a better impression on her, thou she still antagonized Ben on occasion.

But after several instantces of Ben showing himself a kind and caring friend, comforting Lo after her BFF turned out to be a fake and helping her when her ankle got twisted. The two shared a date and kiss in a cave filled with Geode's, thou it was all almost spoiled when the Forever Knights showed up and revealed Ben's Secret Identiy, she luckily got a grip and got ben's forgivness.