The Beaver Butt Stand was a stand that resells day-old beaver tails, marketed as "Beaver Butts", at the beach at the Surfer's Paradise hotel.

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Trivia Edit

  • The store's logo is a picture of a beaver with its butt facing toward the viewer. It is derived from the logo at the Beaver Tail Bakery.
  • As noted above, Beaver Butts are basically day-old beaver tail donuts retrieved from a dumpster, but with icing added to them to disguise their origins.
  • Bummer came up with the idea of reselling beaver tails at the beach to generate extra revenue for the hotel. He commissioned Reef and Broseph to buy the tails at the Beaver Tail Bakery, while it was Reef's idea to get free day-old tails that had been thrown in dumpsters behind the bakery while he and Broseph kept the money Bummer gave them for the beaver tails to spend on themselves.
  • Because of the success of the Beaver Butts, Bummer later ordered a second Beaver Butt stand to be opened on the hotel grounds.
  • The Beaver Butt stands eventually went bust when Snack Shack exposed the Beaver Butts' origins to the hotel guests, causing them to become sick and vomit en masse. Because he came up with the Beaver Butt scam, Bummer was court-ordered to supply free beaver tails at the Beaver Tail Bakery shortly afterward.